October 20, 2021
Facebook 30-day keyword snooze

Facebook is Testing a New 30-Day Keyword Snooze Feature to Avoid Spoilers

A new Facebook 30-day keyword snooze will allow users to avoid certain situations, such as accidentally stumbling onto spoilers…

Good news for those who hate running into spoilers unintentionaly. Facebook is testing a 30-day keyword snooze option. And, it works pretty much like it sounds. So, if folks want to keep the score of the big game a surprise or a movie ending secret until they see it, they’re getting a little more help.

Facebook 30-Day Keyword Snooze Test Spotted

Facebook is currently testing a 30-day snooze feature for chosen keywords. When selected, said keywords won’t appear in the News Feed or Groups. The tool is already rolling out to a small set of users today. 

Chris Messina first spotted the option, hidden away in the code on Sunday. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch it indeed was working on such a feature, similar to snoozing people, Pages, and Groups, which launched last December.

While the tool might sound useful, it’s not exactly perfect. That’s because to snooze keywords, users must first hunt them down in posts. So, it just might initially defeat the whole purpose. However, Facebook states it is working on a preemptive snooze option, possibly to debut in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if a post contains a certain keyword, tap on it to reveal “snooze keywords in this post.” Presently, it only works with text. Meaning images are excluded and there aren’t any synonym suggestions. Furthermore, it only applies to organic content, not paid advertisements. (Which obviously favors its main revenue stream.)

Not surprisingly, Facebook says it’s a heavily requested feature.