August 15, 2020
Facebook account security improvements coming

Facebook will Make Improvements to its Account Security following a Hack that Occurred in 2018 as Part of a Lawsuit Settlement

The world’s largest social network has proposed in a lawsuit settlement over a data breach that it will tighten account security…

Facebook says it will bolster its security protocols in the wake of a 2018 hack that exposed the data of some 29 million users. In response to a lawsuit over the same, the company promised to more frequently check for suspicious activity in regard to its digital access tokens that allow people to user their accounts.

Additionally, the social site will implement other enhancements, according to the lawsuit, Bloomberg reports on its site.

Facebook Account Security Improvements Coming following 2018 Data Hack

Facebook is attempting to settle a lawsuit filed against the company over a data breach two years ago. The social corporation has proposed to upgrade its security processes. The company will likewise deploy other measures to ensure its digital access tokens are not exploited.

The proposed settlement comes a few months after the judge presiding over the case barred the plaintiffs from seeking financial compensation. Judge William Alsup made the ruling due to the fact the main plaintiff could not prove expenses paid as a result of the data breach.

Although Facebook submitted the proposal to settle the lawsuit, it still must get judicial approval. If it does, it could force Facebook to be more proactive and to take quicker action.

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