June 23, 2022
Facebook ad metrics

Facebook Says It’s Fixing Its Really Bad Ad Metrics

Facebook ad metrics are notoriously bad but the social network states it’s working on clarifications to improve measurement accuracy…

Facebook ad metrics are atrocious. In fact, over the past few years, the social network had to come clean about multiple errors in its measurements. Just this past fall, researchers discovered purported Facebook ad reach actually exceeded the US Census population in every single state. Now, the company states it’s taking genuine steps to correct those problems, in a blog post .

Facebook Ad Metrics Clarifications on the Way

First, how it labels metrics. Going forward, Facebook will clearly state which are estimates, in development, or both. Additionally, the network might sunset some of the metrics simply because they are unhelpful to advertisers. At this time, approximately 20 are on the chopping block, slated to end in July. Facebook deemed these particular measurements redundant, outdated, not actionable, or infrequently used.

Second, the company will launch a new initiative called “Measure What Matters,” a combination of in-person meet-ups, online events, and digital content. This aims to help advertisers understand more about Facebook’s metrics. Moreover, how to more measure and improve campaigns.

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