August 3, 2022
Facebook Adds Support for Dropbox and Koofr Media Exports

Facebook Makes it Easier to Transfer Photos and other Media Off its Site

Facebook now supports both Dropbox and Koofr, two services which can be used to export media off the social network more easily…

The world’s largest social network is loosening its grip on users’ content. Facebook recently signed a new partnership with Dropbox and Koofr that allows users to send data through encrypted transfers. So, it’s now possible to move different types of media off of Facebook — something that’s been very cumbersome and problematic for a long, long time.

Facebook Adds Support for Dropbox and Koofr Media Exports

The new Facebook and Dropbox partnership is already in-effect, meaning it’s now possible to transfer media between the two. In order to take advantage, users need to connect their Facebook profiles to an active Dropbox account. Here’s how to export Facebook media to Dropbox:

  1. Open Facebook and go to “Your Facebook Information.”
  2. Select “Transfer a copy of your photos and videos.”
  3. Wait for the confirmation to appear.
  4. Re-enter your password.

The media should automatically go into a new “Photo Transfer” folder inside Dropbox. There, it’s possible to organize the content, as desired. Whatever is imported will enjoy Dropbox’s security protections, which will be set to private by default. Jamie Perlman, VP of Business Development at Dropbox, says:

“We’re excited to partner with Facebook on a data portability tool that gives users the ability to import their Facebook photos and videos into Dropbox with just a few clicks.”

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