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Facebook Ads Click-to-WhatsApp Messaging Buttons Now Appearing

Facebook ads click-to-WhatsApp messaging buttons

Credit: Facebook / TechCrunch

Facebook ads click-to-WhatsApp messaging buttons are now displaying on the social network, prompting users to interact with branded content…

WhatsApp long ago explained why it won’t sell ads. But, that’s before Facebook bought the company. And while somewhat still true, a new monetization format is rolling out between the social network and its subsidiary messaging app.

Facebook Ads Click-to-WhatsApp Messaging Buttons Start Rolling Out

Earlier this year; reports of test surfaced. Now, Facebook states it is introducing the marketing tool. It will gradually roll out to North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and the majority of Asia. (It can’t yet release the feature in Europe because of data protection laws.)

Facebook states over 1 million Pages publish their WhatsApp number in their posts. “Many people already use WhatsApp to communicate with small businesses. It’s a fast, convenient way to stay in touch. By adding a click-to-WhatsApp button to Facebook ads, businesses can now make it even easier for people to learn about their products, set up an appointment or use their service,” Pancham Gajjar, product marketing manager for Facebook, tells TechCrunch.

This follows the recently updated WhatsApp FAQ page. The page explains the verification levels for businesses on the platform. Although, there is no actual products or even pricing for such accounts. However, this is a clear sign the companies are exploring new ways of reaching consumers.

Today, Facebook introduced this new ad unit. It seamlessly integrates between the platforms to encourage users to reach out to businesses.

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