April 29, 2021
Facebook AI

Facebook is Working on a Way to Open the Eyes of People who Blink in Photos

Facebook engineers are currently at work on fixing bad pictures with artificial intelligence through this strange sounding method…

It appears there’s little Facebook won’t do to encourage people to share more. As a recent research paper demonstrates, the social network is going so far as to save bad photos, ruined by simple blinks.

Facebook AI Research Retouches Blinking Photo Subjects

This week, the company published a study which reveals engineers working on a retouching tool using AI or artificial intelligence. Basically, it employs machine learning to open the eyes of subjects who blink. Although the technology is only at the research level, it’s quite easy to imagine the tool showing up sometime in the future.

As the researchers point out, there’s already technology to remedy red eyes or rid faces of blemishes, so this isn’t too far a leap. It works through a system called “generative adversarial network” or GAN. This particular technology has already been used in a number of more complicated and creative ways. Which means blinking doesn’t present much of a problem.

Facebook AI blink fix demonstration
Credit: Facebook

Here’s how it works. The system first analyzes pictures where the subject is photographed with his or her eyes open. By doing so, it learns that person’s eye shape and color. Then, it uses “in-painting” to correct pictures with blinks. But, the technology does have its limitations. For instance, it struggles with glasses on faces and weird angles. Although, as clear from the collage above, it works wonders in normal situations.

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