September 15, 2022
Facebook and Instagram Degrade Video Quality In Europe

Facebook and Instagram Decrease Video Quality on their Platforms in Response to Increased Bandwidth Demand

Facebook, along with its subsidiary Instagram, are now diminishing video quality on their interfaces, to help relieve network traffic…

As the coronavirus preventative measure continue to evolve and expand, COVID-19 is making an impact in many ways. That includes increased teleworking and with social distancing, greater demand for streaming and gaming entertainment. In response to this phenomenon, social media companies are doing their part to help out. 

Facebook and Instagram Degrade Video Quality In Europe

Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram have begun to lessen video quality. This allows more people to stay up-to-date with the most current information, as well as help them stay in-touch with others, and of course, being entertained.

Both Facebook and Instagram are both temporarily curtailing the quality of video on their sites, across Europe. This is a trend that’s already been embraced by Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. 

“To help alleviate any potential network congestion, we will temporarily reduce bit rates for videos on Facebook and Instagram in Europe. We are committed to working with our partners to manage any bandwidth constraints during this period of heavy demand, while also ensuring people are able to remain connected using Facebook apps and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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