September 30, 2022
Facebook and Instagram Thanksgiving Day outage

Facebook and Instagram Go Down on Thanksgiving Day for Hours but WhatsApp was Unaffected

Facebook and Instagram both went down early on Thanksgiving Day and remained largely unavailable in parts of the US and UK for hours…

Facebook and Instagram experienced a huge outage on Thanksgiving Day, primarily covering the coasts of the US, as well as most of the UK. Although the issue was the two services, subsidiary company WhatsApp remained intact during the entire down cycle.

User reports of unresponsive services started coming in around 6 a.m. PST and lasted into 9 a.m. PST. Shortly thereafter, complaints began to wane as service was restored incrementally. Within a few hours, the two platforms were working normally, after extensive troubleshooting by the in-house technical teams.

Facebook and Instagram Suffer Worldwide Outage Thanksgiving Day

Along with the Facebook and Instagram crash on Thanksgiving Day, the Messenger service also blanked but the issues were most severe for the two popular social media sites. The main outage lasted about three hours, until the companies resolved the behind-the-scenes problems.

A Facebook spokesperson said at the time the problems were caused by “an issue in one of our central software systems.” And later added, “We quickly investigated, started restoring access, and we’re now monitoring for full recovery. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

By noon, both platforms were up and working again. Facebook and Instagram weren’t the only ones to experience problems during the holiday weekend, Costco experience very sluggish load times early on Black Friday.

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