December 7, 2021
Facebook Announces a New WhatsApp Chat Session Direct Shopping Option

Facebook will Let WhatsApp Users Shop Directly through Chats with Retailers

WhatsApp already has some level of shopping experience, but Facebook wants to expand the option between customer-retailer chat sessions…

Facebook’s messaging subsidiary WhatsApp already supports shopping. But, Facebook has announced it will build that experience out to include chats between retailers and consumers. Few details are known at this time as to how the tool will work, but Facebook has released a new promotional video that gives a quick rundown of how it might function.

Facebook Announces a New WhatsApp Chat Session Direct Shopping Option

Here’s what’s portrayed in the short video. A WhatsApp user hops on the app and messages a business. The retailer then replies with a link to its proprietary product catalog. The shopper can then add items to a cart and checkout through the app without having to transition over to another platform — the entire transaction is self-contained within WhatsApp. Presumably, these sales would rely on Facebook Pay.

If this sounds a bit familiar, that’s because WhatsApp has previously had a catalog feature. However, it was significantly more limited than what Facebook is previewing this time around. This is just part of Facebook’s larger strategy to expand its shopping features. Recently, the social network launched Facebook Shops, which allows retailers to create product catalogs that will work across Facebook and Instagram.

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