October 27, 2021
Facebook announces major changes to Messenger at F8 2019

Facebook Says it will Make Messenger a Lightweight App, Add End-to-End Encryption, and Introduce a “Watch Party” Feature

Facebook revealed at its F8 2019 conference it will make big changes to Messenger, including end-to-end encryption and a “Watch Party” feature…

The Facebook Messenger platform has undergone several changes over the past few months.

In the most recent makeover, Messenger 4, it ditched its clutter, reducing the tabs from nine to just four. Additionally, it simplified the user interface, introduced a dark mode and threaded replies, and unveiled a ten-minute unsend feature.

Facebook Announces Major Messenger App Changes at F8 2019

Now, Facebook states it will make other changes to Messenger. These include a more streamlined app, a dedicated family and friends section, a “Watch Party” tool, end-to-end encryption, and a desktop app.

Messenger will soon be much faster than it was before. In fact, its internal name is “LightSpeed.” Facebook states it will launch in under 2 seconds and is smaller than 30MB (that’s 70MB less than its current size).

Approximately 410 million people use the Messenger video chat option each month. Plus, about 2 billion minutes per day watching video on Facebook. So, the company will merge these two with a “Watch Party.”

Facebook will likewise release a desktop Messenger app for Windows and MacOS this year. It will have the same abilities as the mobile version.

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