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Facebook Really Wants People to Use Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots

Facebook just reintroduced Messenger bots with its release of the 2.1 Platform, proving it’s not giving up on the fledgling technology any time soon…

Messenger bots haven’t caught on among the public, but that certainly isn’t stopping Facebook from launching new versions. The social giant just rolled out Messenger Platform 2.1, complete with new tools and bot options.

Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Bots 2.1 Platform

The latest iteration comes with some marked improvements, but it’s hard to gauge how well users will receive them. It’s nearly promised the newest Messenger bots will help businesses, but will they actually help people? That’s the core question as their potential remains unrealized. Most are buggy but new strides might bring better experiences.

The Messenger 2.1 Platform brings several new features. First up is seamless payment flow, a one step process through Messenger webview. Another is an expanded set of call-to-action buttons for Facebook Pages. These include: Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now, and Get Started.

While these are great options for businesses, they do little for consumer experience. That’s probably where built-in natural language processing comes into play. The single biggest problem with bots is their lack of understanding want customers actually want.

With natural language processing or NLP, Facebook hopes to make smarter bots. “When Built-in NLP is enabled it automatically detects meaning and information in the text of messages that a user sends, before it gets passed to the bot. This first version can detect the following entities: hello, bye, thanks, date & time, location, amount of money, phone number, email and a URL.”

It remains to be seen if the newest Messenger bots will deliver better customer experience. But Facebook clearly believes there’s real consumer value.

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