September 11, 2021
Facebook app bottom bar

Facebook is Beginning to Switch Over to a Bottom Bar on its App for Some Users

The Facebook app is starting to display a bottom bar for its app for a limited group of users, which seems to be connected to a server-side switch…

It looks like Facebook is about to introduce a small but noteworthy change to its Android mobile application, not long after it revamped its main menu. Some users are reporting seeing a new navigation bar, pinned at the bottom, rather than residing at the top of the screen. The re-positioned navigation bar includes the home button, Friends, Marketplace, Profile, Notifications, along with the hamburger menu. (The search field remains at the top of the app.)

Facebook App Bottom Bar Appearing to Some Users via Server-Side Switch

The new Facebook Android app bottom navigation bar doesn’t change up the function. Apparently, it’s just an aesthetic change that brings it more in-line with the iOS mobile app version. Right now, it’s showing up in version, but not necessarily for everyone. 

Some Reddit users have installed that release only to see the top navigation bar remain. So, it’s more than likely a server-side update that’s enabling the new bottom bar navigation look. However, others have been able to trigger it, though it won’t work for everyone.

Facebook app bottom bar screenshots
Credit: Android Police

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