July 28, 2021
Facebook Apple Watch Kit messaging app

Facebook Releases a New Apple Watch Messaging App Called Kit

Facebook’s internal R&D group, known as the NPE or New Product Experimentation team, has launched a new messaging app for the Apple Watch, called Kit…

The in-house experimental team over at Facebook, NPE or New Product Experimentation group, has introduced a new messaging app exclusively for the Apple Watch, called Kit. The new communication application Kit, which stands for Keep In Touch, is intended for users to stay connected with family and close friends.

Facebook Apple Watch Kit Messaging App Rolls Out

The new Facebook Apple Watch Kit messaging app uses a QR code or an access code from fb.com/devices. Once entered, Apple Watch owners can select a contact from Facebook Messenger to send a message, voice recording, emoji, or location with just one tap.

Although the Facebook flagship app, Messenger, already supports the Apple Watch as a hardware partner, Kit it focused on the closest of interpersonal relationships, like spouses, siblings, other family members, and best friends.

Kit isn’t a huge shift away from familiar communications technology. In fact, it’s merely a simplified version of Messenger for Apple Watch. Right now, Kit is available on the Apple App Store for free and it appears to be limited to Canada for now.

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