August 5, 2022
facebook lifestage app

Facebook Quietly Shuts Down these Two Apps

The Facebook Lifestage app, a Snapchat clone, and Groups app, are now closed, being pulled from digital download stores due to unpopularity…

If the Facebook Lifestage app doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because the platform was exclusively made for teens but failed to catch on. Designed to take market share away from competitor Snapchat, Lifestage no longer exists in the App Store. At the beginning of August, Lifestage ranked #1,392 in the Apple App Store and didn’t even rank in the Google Play Store.

Facebook Lifestage, Groups Apps Shut Down Abruptly

The Facebook Lifestage app isn’t the only one that’s scuttled. The standalone Facebook Groups app, too, will end on September 1st for both Android and iOS. “Because we’re focusing on groups in the main Facebook app and on, we are discontinuing the Facebook Groups app for iOS and Android,” the official announcement reads, in-part.

The Facebook Lifestage app was only an experimental one, targeting teens who gravitate heavily toward Snapchat. Likewise, the Groups app didn’t exactly catch fire and over the past few months, was continually plagued by bugs. Those bugs were not fixed and no new features came to the platform.

Lifestage debuted last year, a concept of 19-year old product designer Michael Sayman, which placed big time emphasis on video. Lifestage also sported a Q&A-esque experience, designed for users to get to know one another better.

Facebook has more proven success with its other products. Instagram Stories, for instance, boasts 250 million DAUs or daily active users, while Snapchat claims 166 million. Facebook Messenger hit 1.2 billion MAUs or monthly active users in April. And, WhatsApp reached 1 billion DAUs in late July.

These two apps aren’t the only Facebook failures, the social network has also shut down Creative Labs, Slingshot, Rooms, and Riff.

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