August 3, 2022
Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work Launching in October

A new productivity and collaboration platform, Facebook at Work, will debut next month, providing businesses with new SaaS technology tools…

Facebook will foray into the enterprise world with a new SaaS (software as a service) platform beginning next month. Facebook at Work will provide companies with collaboration and other productivity features. “Use News Feed to stay updated, join groups to collaborate, send messages and get notifications about what’s most relevant to you,” the official website reads.

A New Enterprise Platform, Facebook at Work, Scheduled for October Release

The social network is confident the technology will keep team members engaged with the product and other employees. The pricing plan is simple and enticing, charging enterprises “per monthly active users” instead of a flat rate, director Julien Codorniou explains. This way, companies won’t waste capital for non use.

Facebook at Work subscribers are able to use the product’s specialized “Work Feed” to collaborate and assume tasks. It’s similar to other enterprise SaaS like Convo, Salesforce Chatter, and Microsoft Yammer. The product works with Messenger and Groups, offers voice and video calling, competing with Slack and Skype. Additionally, it works with Events and Live video.

The product’s familiarity is its single largest attraction and strength. This makes onboarding easy and will greatly reduce learning curve. Facebook’s biggest obstacle is to convince businesses it is not just a productivity killer. The company has done well in blazing the ad revenue trail on social media and is adding more marketer data. The social platform now offers retailer measurement tools and ad options.  

Such additions include a new Lookalike Audiences tool which allows advertisers to target international users. But brands must discover creative workarounds as video ads on the network are automatically muted.

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