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Facebook August Memories Start Rolling Out to Android, iOS

Facebook August Memories arrive on the social network, another of many user CTAs to push back against context collapse…

[For the 2018 Facebook August Moments video, click here]

Facebook is releasing its latest user CTA or call-to-action in its continued struggle to reduce context collapse or a lack in original content broadcasting. (This strange phenomenon is a trend where users are spending more time on the platform but sharing less organically.)

The company also must battle against a “I read it on Facebook” problem. That scenario is a steep decline in users’ abilities to recall sources. In other words, more people increasingly say, “I read it on Facebook,” unable to cite the original publisher. The fix is something Facebook calls, “Brand Assets,” and it’s already available to publishers.

Facebook August Memories Come to Android, iOS

The Facebook August Memories collage started appearing this weekend, following several others. These include: Facebook Spring Memories, June Memories, July Memories, and its Good Adds Up video, which marked its rise to 2 billion users.

The social company states after rolling out On This Day two years ago, the company learned which memories users most like. Because of this, it’s adding two new ways for users to relive memorable situations and celebrate special times.

How to Get Facebook August Memories

To get the Facebook August Memories collage, simply open the app on Android or iOS and look for the prompt at the top of the News Feed. From there, a “Choose Photos” prompt appears. Note there’s an option at the bottom of the screen to select photos by uploading or to “Choose from Facebook.” 

It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately.

Facebook recently announced it plans to introduce more memory collections; so, look for more in the future.

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