November 5, 2022
Facebook auto-suggestion comments

Facebook Now Surfaces Auto-Suggestion when People Comment on Marketplace Items

Facebook auto-suggestion comments now appear when users share items from Marketplace, prompting users to interact more…

Here’s something mildly curious. An interesting feature pops up when someone shares an item from Facebook Marketplace and comments on it. The social network now displays pre-created message replies users can choose from or just comment on their own.

Facebook Auto-Suggestion Comments Spotted for Marketplace Items

It’s unclear whether or not this is new. But, it does heavily borrow from a familiar Gmail and Inbox by Gmail feature called “Smart Reply.” That technology offers suggested replies based on content and context. The seems much like the same thing. There are five options, as pictured in the screenshot below. 

Facebook auto-suggestion comments screenshot

The five automatically generated suggestions include, “Interested!” Followed by “Is this still available?” and “Do you have more photos?” The last two are: “Is the price negotiable?” and “Next!” It’s also possible to send a custom reply, along with an image or another embellishment.

It’s also unknown if the first suggestion is triggered simply by repeating the last word in the last sentence. Perhaps the most odd and somewhat rude is the last auto-suggestion.

Regardless, it’s clear the intent of the tool is to get people to engage with one another. After all, if an item sells, Facebook does earn a small percentage. So, it makes sense it would assist in helping to complete the transaction.

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