September 20, 2022
Facebook Bad Shopping Experiences

Facebook Cracking Down on “Bad Shopping Experiences”

The new Facebook Bad Shopping Experiences campaign represents a fight aimed at reducing unpleasant interactions between users and businesses…

Facebook is now encouraging its users to file complaints against businesses if they experience problems. Which means the social network will now hold businesses more accountable for their actions on the platform. So, if enough people formally gripe about a business, it could face a ban from running ads.

Facebook “Bad Shopping Experiences” Crack Down Begins

The new policy is rolling out today worldwide. It’s meant to help the site push back against a type of advertising abuse. Facebook calls this “bad shopping experiences.” It’s not just the customers who suffer, it’s also Facebook itself.

Facebook states it’s focusing on shipping times, product quality, and customer service. But, this isn’t just about running misleading ads. It’s at the heart of the transactions. If a particular company regularly fails to provide good customer service or ships bad products, it will face sanctions from the social platform.

It appears Facebook will first send users notifications, inquiring about their experiences. (That is, if the network detects people click on ads.) Users can also leave feedback on the Ads Activity page.

What’s more, Facebook states it will inform businesses about negative feedback. This will allow companies to pinpoint problems. But, if there are more bad experiences, the social site will start to limit the number of ads companies can run.

It’s a delicate balance since the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Facebook will have to determine the difference between legitimate complaints and grudges.

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