August 8, 2022
Facebook being Used for Trafficking Illegal Wildlife Sales

Facebook is Also Struggling to Keep Wildlife Traffickers Off its Platform

Facebook has a number of problems and it turns out, keeping illegal wild animal sales off the platform is one of the biggest of them…

The world’s largest social network doesn’t just have a problem with fake news, bullying, and other political and social issues, it’s also rife with a widespread illegal wildlife trade. The World Wildlife Fund has been sounding the alarm about unlawful animal trafficking on the site. And, though the company has taken action, the criminality continues on, possibly due to the entity’s relatively easy process for bad actors to return after being banned.

Facebook being Used for Trafficking Illegal Wildlife Sales

Once the WWF alerted Facebook to the rampant wildlife trafficking, the company removed more than 500 posts and groups between April and June. This, after the WWF found over 2,000 posts of wild animals of almost 100 species listed for sale. (And those were just in the country of Myanmar alone.) Nearly all of the animals were alive and most of the sale posts appeared within groups dedicated to their illegal trade.

A Facebook spokesperson explains that the company is, “…committed to working with law enforcement authorities around the world to help tackle the illegal trade of wildlife.” Although this is probably true, the practice remains a real problem. This, because after being removed, many in the unlawful wildlife trade simply create new profiles and groups to continue to sell animals across the world.

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