September 9, 2021

Facebook is Ruining Surprise Birthday Parties

A new Facebook birthday celebration call-to-action now prompts users to create and coordinate their own birthday parties and invite friends…

Facebook is now asking its users to schedule their own birthday parties. At least, that’s the inescapable conclusion because a new CTA or call-to-action prompt pops up ahead of his or her special day.

Facebook Birthday Celebration Call-to-Action Appears

Users with upcoming birthdays see a prompt to create an event. “Celebrate your upcoming birthday with friends by creating an event!”


Next, an option to add a photo appears. Also, detail input fields allow scheduling of a day and time. Additionally, users can opt to let guests invite friends.


The event can also be made private or public, depending on the user’s preference.


Finally, a details page appears, including an edit, invite, copy link, and more options.



It appears details of scheduled events can easily be changed by the host. Additionally, there’s an option to let a friend co-host the event.

What’s most strange is the birthday event scheduling shows up directly to the birthday boy or girl themselves. It doesn’t appear to spouses and/or relationships.

At this time, there’s no official word in the Facebook Newsroom. But, the social giant routinely runs tests which include a limited number of users.

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