December 9, 2021
Facebook Bonfire group chat app

Facebook Bonfire Group Chat App in the Works

A Facebook Bonfire group chat app is currently in the making, which copies some of the features Houseparty boasts, according to some news sources…

In a continued effort to dominate the social media marketplace, a new Facebook Bonfire group chat app is reportedly being built. Sources explain it is quite similar to Houseparty, another group video chat app which launched last year.

Facebook Bonfire Group Chat App under Development

Facebook is reportedly including at least some of the same features as Houseparty, which comes from the developer group Life On Air — the same team who created live-streaming app Meerkat (which Twitter acquired and transformed into Periscope.)

The new Facebook Bonfire group video chat app is supposedly nearly identical, sporting a FaceTime-style. Facebook Bonfire will probably roll out sometime this fall, leveraging its 2 billion MAUs or monthly active users, giving it a huge advantage of catching on quickly.

Houseparty is already popular, launching without major fanfare last year and reaching 1.2 million users by November 2016. On average, users spend 20 minutes per day on the group video chat app.

Very few details are currently known about the Facebook Bonfire group chat app. And, it’s unclear how consumers will respond to its introduction. The social giant already tried to lure consumers with Slingshot and Bolt, but each faded away quickly. However, when Facebook introduced Instagram Stories, it struck a chord and became a huge hit.

Recently, Facebook introduced a number of new features to combat context collapse, a decline in original content broadcasting by its users. These include Spring Memories, its Good Adds Up video, along with June Memories.

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