June 23, 2022
Facebook Brand Asset

Facebook Fighting a “I Read It on Facebook” Problem

The world’s largest social media platform has a problem and to fix it, the social network just launched its ‘Facebook Brand Assets’ option…

Facebook is not only battling against “context collapse,” a strange phenomenon in which users spend more time on the site but share less original, organic content, it’s also got a “I read it on Facebook” problem.

Facebook Brand Assets Introduced in Trending and Search Sections

The company has rolled out a new option called Brand Assets, which allows publishers to pin their logo and/or company name to content in the Trending and search sections. The picture below shows the difference between how Trending feed appeared before and how it will appear now:

Facebook Brand Asset
Credit: Facebook

As pictured, the left image depicts the old Trending feed, which only contain dull, grey publisher names. The right image shows the Trending feed with the new Brand Assets. These are larger, colorful, and thus, far more conspicuous.

The reason for the change, Facebook explains, is due to a steep decline in users’ abilities to recall sources. In other words, people increasingly say, “I read it on Facebook,” unable to cite the original publisher. 

The coincides with a Pew Research Center study which found just 56 percent of respondents were able to name the source of an article or video after clicking a link on a social media site. This is problematic because it’s a rising trend.

To add a Brand Asset, publishers need to login to their Facebook Page. Select “Publishing Tools,” and add PNG files. Facebook provides detailed directions for adding to the Brand Asset Library on its official Business Help page.

Facebook continues its efforts to improve the News Feed. Recently, the company also announced new measures to purge video clickbait.

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