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Facebook Enhances Facebook Dating with Facebook Stories

Facebook adds Stories to Facebook Dating

Credit: Facebook

Facebook has opened its popular ephemeral Stories format from Facebook and Instagram up to Facebook Dating but there’s a catch on how it works…

Ever since Facebook cloned Snapchat’s popular Stories format, it’s proven a big hit for the world’s largest social network. (More particularly for subsidiary Instagram.) Now that it’s catching on in the flagship interface, Facebook is allowing Dating users to add it to their profiles.

Facebook brings Facebook Stories to Facebook Dating

Facebook has opened its ephemeral Stories medium to Facebook Dating, but it doesn’t actually reside in the section. People on Dating can share Stories made on Facebook or Instagram, but cannot create videos in Dating.

The reason for allowing Stories on Dating is to give potential matches more insight. Also, it helps to prove they are real people behind the digital profiles.

The feature does not differ from Stories on Instagram or Facebook. But it is different in another way. People can send prospective matches bits of individual Stories. However, the two must be matched in order for the recipient to reply or react to the sender’s story.

Facebook places restrictions on Stories inside Dating for reasons of privacy and safety.

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