September 21, 2022
Facebook Campus a College Focused Section Launches across 30 Universities

Facebook Unveils Campus, a New Section Dedicated to College Students

Facebook Campus is a new place in the flagship app, exclusively devoted to helping college students connect over shared interests…

Sixteen years ago, Facebook rolled out. Prior to its public debut, it served as a connection service for college students. Now, the company is returning to its beginnings with the release of Facebook Campus. As the name implies, it’s a place reserved for college students, residing in a walled-off section in the main app. Although Facebook explains its intentions, the social network isn’t disclosing the reason for launching the section.

Facebook Campus, a College-Focused Section, Launches across 30 Universities

Facebook Campus requires an .edu email to join. Those who sign up will receive a separate profile from their main FB account. Facebook Campus also requires a graduation year, with majors, minors, and hometowns being optional. Once set up, students are free to discover Groups and Events that are unique to their schools. Plus, connect with classmates, of course. Charmaine Hung, Product Manager, Facebook Campus writes

“This year, students across the country are facing new challenges as some campuses shift to partial or full-time remote learning, so it’s more important than ever to find a way to stay connected to college life. College is a time for making new friends, finding people who share similar interests and discovering new opportunities to connect – from clubs to study groups, sports and more. In the early days, Facebook was a college-only network, and now we’re returning to our roots with Facebook Campus to help students make and maintain these relationships, even if they’re away from their college.”

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