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Facebook Sued for Scraping Android Call and Text Data

Facebook class action lawsuit sought

A Facebook class action lawsuit is being sought from three users who filed a civil claim against the social network for scraping Android call and text data…

Facebook just announced it’s redesigned its privacy, data, and deletion controls. But, that certainly isn’t enough for some users. Recent news Messenger and Lite scraped call logs and text history from Android devices has caused three people to file a lawsuit against the company.

Facebook Class Action Lawsuit Sought

Facebook already claims it didn’t expressly seek the information. But, a combination of user consent to access to contact lists and Android’s precarious permission settings made it possible.

The lawsuit alleges Facebook violated the plaintiffs’ privacy rights by collecting information about their call and text activities. Filed in the Northern District of California, the civil suit seeks class action status on behalf of all users affected. The lawsuit also seeks unspecified damages.

Gaining class action status is a tough battle. It means a judge must decide if there are enough affected users willing to join in to move the suit forward. Facebook states it did not sell all the information it gathered from Android users’ devices. And, claims the social network never gained access to text data. But, the facts of the case and its merits are yet to fully materialize.

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