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Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes Calls for Breakup of the Social Network in Op-Ed

Facebook cofounder calls for breakup of social network

Credit: Flickr / ec_times

Chris Hughes, co-founder of the world’s largest social network, Facebook, called for the breakup of the social network in an op-ed piece…

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes urged in an opinion piece the federal government to breakup the social network.

Facebook Co-Founder Calls for Breakup of Social Network

Hughes, who with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, helped start the social behemoth in a Harvard dorm room bakc in 2004. Hughes both praises and criticizes Zuckerberg in the piece, writing the social corporation’s CEO can change the site’s systems and rules at any time. 

“If we do not take action, Facebook’s monopoly will become even more entrenched. With much of the world’s personal communications in hand, it can mine that data for patterns and trends, giving it an advantage over competitors for decades to come.”

The op-ed follows a number of scandals plaguing the social network, including using human contractors to look at users’ personal posts to train AI systems and many more. Facebook has stashed billions of dollars away to pay anticipated privacy fines.

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