November 2, 2022
Facebook Collections

Facebook Rolls Out Collections, an Instagram Style Feature for Saved Content

Facebook Collections, an Instagram-like tool for saving posts, finally comes out of testing to wide release on desktop, mobile…

Back in late November of last year, social media pro Mari Smith spotted something curious. It appeared inside the “Saved” section of Facebook, looking much like a familiar Instagram option — Instagram Collections. That feature rolled out in April of last year. Simply put, it’s precisely what it sounds like. A place to save and organize different types of content in folders to retrieve at a later date.

Facebook Collections Rolls Out to Desktop and Mobile

At the time, only a limited number of users had access to the option. But now, Facebook Collections is widely available, appearing on both desktop and mobile. Here’s a screenshot of it on Android:

Facebook Collections mobile

And, here’s a screenshot of it in-action, creating a collection:

Facebook Collections create collection

Facebook introduces Collections this way, “Now you can group your saved items into collections to curate and come back to them later.” The social network then provides inspiration ideas, such as the following: “Funny videos, Recipes, Articles to read later, and restaurants to try.”

It’s pretty straightforward and might work nicely with the new News Feed aggregation. That change will place fewer publisher and brand posts in the News Feed, while increasing the number of posts from family and friends.

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