October 27, 2021
Facebook comment ranking

Facebook Now Ranks Comments to Help make Conversations more Meaningful to Users

A new Facebook comment ranking system is live, helping to promote content that’s most interesting and useful to people’s conversations…

For some time now, Facebook has said it wants to make the platform more meaningful.

In an effort to do just that, the social network is now assigning priority to comments with reactions from the original poster or comments and reactions of friends of the original poster.

Put another way, posts which generate comments and reactions from the original poster and/or that person’s friends, will rank higher.

Facebook Comment Ranking System Released

The new Facebook comment ranking system applies to public posts from Pages and for individuals with a lot of followers. However, anyone can choose to opt-in the program through the settings menu.

Facebook bases its rankings on the number of reactions, comments, and more. Users can moderate comments on their own posts. Users can also hide, delete, or reply to said comments.

For its part, Facebook will refer to “integrity signals” to determine if comments violate the site’s community standards. If so, Facebook will delete comments that run afoul of the platform’s rules.

Last month, Facebook announced changes to how it ranks video in the News Feed.

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