August 4, 2022
Facebook Comments GIFs

Facebook Comments GIFs Now Available to All Users

Facebook Comments GIFs are now live on the social network, available to all users as the company celebrates the animation’s 30th anniversary…

Reply threads on Facebook are about to come alive. Today, the social media platform is rolling out GIFs to comments to all users after three months of limited testing.

Facebook Comments GIFs Roll Out to All Users

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the animation format, Facebook is marking the occasion by introducing Comments GIFs. “We know people love communicating with GIFs on Messenger, and we’re also making it easier to use GIFs on Facebook. Today we’re introducing the ability to add GIFs in comments for all people on Facebook globally,” the company announced.

Facebook states users sent nearly 13 billion GIFs over the past year, with 400 million sent on New Year’s Day this year. Every minute, users send almost 25,000 GIFs through Messenger. And, Messenger GIF sends have tripled over last year, the company also states.

Facebook Comments GIFs come via different services, such as Giphy and Tenor. The new feature lets users allows users to search and post GIFs directly inside the comments box. For desktop, there’s not only an option to search and share, but also, to see trending GIFs (like in Facebook Messenger).

About two years ago, Facebook introduced GIF support. But, until now, users needed to paste the URL of an externally hosted GIF. Facebook states it might include support for the animations in the News Feed, due to popular demand.

Facebook just introduced seven new status update background color schemes. The social network recently released stats for the new Facebook Messenger Reactions, which racked up 2 billion sends in the first two months.

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