September 21, 2022
Facebook video creator hub

Facebook Enticing Content Creators with New Community-Centered Video Hub

A new Facebook video creator hub strikes a familiar chord, much like the YouTube Community tab, as the social network attempts to expand its offerings…

Facebook is infamous for copying popular formats. And now, it’s seemingly done it yet again. The social network has announced several new live video features to lure content creators to its platform.

Facebook Community-Centered Video Creator Hub Announced

The new Facebook video creator hub includes polls and quizzes, not unlike the YouTube Community tab introduced months ago. Facebook states it wants to reinvent traditional entertainment by making content more “community-centric.” This isn’t out of thin air. There is a trend in collaborative video consumption which relies on interactive audience participation.

For example, video creators can ask their audiences questions about what new content they’d most like to see. Then, produce video which meets the demand. Of course, to entice video creators, Facebook must offer monetization. And, it’s doing that, adding commercial breaks and monthly subscriptions. Moreover, it’s introducing a new way to find paid partnerships with what it calls the “Brand Collabs Manager.”

Facebook likewise announced the release of new game shows. These will air regularly on Facebook Watch.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how creators use all these tools to create great experiences for their fans. We encourage creators to join the Facebook for Creators community at to express their interest in these new tools, stay up-to-date on the latest news, be considered for product testing opportunities, and get notified when new features become available.”

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