October 1, 2022
Facebook Confetti trivia game show shuts down

Facebook Clears Confetti from its Platform, Shutting Down the Little-Known Trivia Game

Facebook Confetti is now on the cutting room floor, being shut down about a year after it first debuted on Facebook Watch…

Introduced in August of last year, Facebook Watch, a new section of the social network dedicated to video. Along with its debut came Confetti, a trivia game show. Now, Facebook Confetti is no more.

Facebook Confetti Trivia Game Shuts Down

Facebook Confetti followed in the steps of HQ Trivia but the popularity of the format has only lessened since its high in 2018.

The show will no longer run in the United States or the United Kingdom, though local versions remain intact, for now, in Thailand, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Those will likely follow in the not-too-distant future, as well.

Confetti featured celebrity hosts and cash prizes and it encouraged audience members to play along with friends. In fact, it got its traction as a popular lunchtime show. But, Facebook would later move it up to 10pm and that proved the beginning of the end.

Matthew Henick, global head of content planning and strategy, explained to Television Business International:

“…really important test for us to figure out how to build interactive environments for video.”

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