June 18, 2021
Facebook Messenger scans conversations

No, Messenger Conversations aren’t Private, Facebook Confirms It Spies

Facebook admits in two separate instances that it does in fact scan Messenger conversations, so communications aren’t actually private…

Messenger conversations aren’t private, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg who admitted as much during a recent interview. Speaking about the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, Mr. Zuckerberg explained Facebook’s systems “detect what’s going on” when people attempt to send certain types of messages. He says Facebook “stops those messages from going through.”

Facebook Confirms Scanning Messenger Conversations

However, the Facebook CEO isn’t the only one confessing its digital spying. A company spokesperson also let users know there is no real expectation of privacy on the platform. The company told Bloomberg it does analyze communications sent through Messenger. And, it does this the same way it handles publicly posted content. The practice is to prevent abuse or violations of community standards:

“For example, on Messenger, when you send a photo, our automated systems scan it using photo matching technology to detect known child exploitation imagery or when you send a link, we scan it for malware or viruses. Facebook designed these automated tools so we can rapidly stop abusive behavior on our platform.”

Moderators read content flagged for apparent violations who either block or delete it. Furthermore, Zuckerberg also noted in a call with reporters that users should “assume” scraping of their public profiles:

“We’ve seen some scraping. I would assume if you had that setting turned on that someone at some point has access to your public information in some way.”

The news comes at a time when the world’s largest social network faces a number of scandals. Recently, leaked documents revealed the company’s outrageous justifications for its user growth strategies. Three users also filed suit, seeking class action status over scraping Android call and text data privacy violations. And, for its bizarre autocomplete child abuse video suggestions

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