November 4, 2022
Facebook contractors transcribed Messenger voice chats

Facebook Joins Google and Apple in Suspending a Program where Humans Transcribed Messenger Voice Chats

Facebook is yet another tech company which has halted a program in which human contractors transcribed Messenger voice chats…

Just in the past couple of weeks, Microsoft, Google, and Apple have all put an end to programs which listened to users’ calls and recordings.

Microsoft employed human contractors to listen to Skype Calls and Cortana recordings. Both Apple and Google also suspended similar practices.

Facebook Contractors Transcribed Messenger Voice Chats

Facebook likewise did much the same, confirming to Bloomberg it hired contractors to transcribe Messenger voice chats.

The social network did so to determine if its AI correctly interpreted users’ messages. But, halted the practice because of concerns about its transcription and privacy policies.

Major tech and web-based companies often use these methods in order to train and improve their end-user products and services. Hardware such as Amazon’s Alexa, as well as digital assistants like Cortana and Google Assistant continue to improve. But their abilities ultimately depend on substantial human involvement.

The challenge for these corporations is to strike a reasonable balance between technical needs and privacy and security.

The news comes after Facebook was hit with a $5 billion fine by the US Federal Trade Commission. It’s also on the heels of $100 million settlement with the SEC.

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