December 9, 2021
Facebook copyright infringement tool

Facebook Copyright Infringement Tool in Development

A new Facebook copyright infringement tool is currently under development by the world’s largest social site, according to a report by the Financial Times…

Although YouTube reigns supreme when it comes to video, recording labels and others want Facebook to license music posted on its platform. Additionally, intellectual property owners want the social network to find and take down user-submitted videos containing copyrighted content. The Financial Times reports the social company is currently working on a copyright identification tool, similar to YouTube’s Content ID.

Facebook Copyright Infringement Tool Coming Soon

The new Facebook copyright infringement tool will help the social network police its platform. Once the identification system is working, Facebook will work with various entities, including record labels, on a licensing deal for all music and other materials, on the site.

For many years, the music industry has fought hard to keep copyrighted intellectual property off of YouTube. Record labels claim the site does not adequately compensate artists and rights holders for content its platform hosts.

At the beginning of this month, YouTube announced it paid $1 billion in ad revenue to record labels over the last year. The video-centric site dominates its competition, used 85 percent of the time for uploads. A full 50 percent of subscribers ages 18 to 34, state they will drop what they are doing in order to watch a new video by one of their favorite creators. Additionally, advertisers using other channels can reach 56 percent more 18- to 49-year olds by also promoting videos on YouTube.

As for Facebook, nearly 900 videos containing 44 current music chart toppers are on the network at this time, according to National Music Publishers’ Association op-ed. Those clips have already been viewed more than 600 million times, making it clear why identifying copyrighted material is so important.

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