November 5, 2022
Facebook create a festive note

Facebook is Rolling Out Festive Features to Celebrate the Holidays

Facebook ‘Create a Festive Note’ and Other Holiday Features are now going live on the social media platform to help users spread the spirit…

Facebook just began introducing a number of holiday themes to its 2+ billion users. Among them, are seasonal cards users can send to friends and family. These are customizable, supporting special photos and messages. Plus, as the end of the month nears, users will see several more holiday backgrounds in the News Feed.

Facebook Create a Festive Not and More Holiday Features Roll Out

The majority of these seasonal effects are right inside the Facebook camera. And, the social network will also add some exclusive stickers, along with Live effects. These will help celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. For instance, in the Messager chat platform, users can add Santa or Rudolph filters, as well as colorful lighted frames.

What’s more, Facebook will also give users more ways to celebrate the New Year. It’s adding effects to Live for streaming. And, starting December 28th, users will begin to see montages of friends’ holiday photos.

Facebook will also release a New Year’s retrospective beginning on January 4th and 5th.

The social platform is making these features available because these serve as a near sure-fire way to get its users to share more. Facebook continues to fight against what it internally calls “context collapse.” That represents a downward trend in original content broadcasting. In other words, people continue to spend more time on the network but share less organic content. With such options, users are highly likely to post more during the holidays.

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