May 24, 2022
Facebook Create a slideshow CTA

Facebook ‘Create a Slideshow’ CTA Prompt Appearing

A new ‘Facebook Create a slideshow’ CTA prompt now appears at the top of the News Feed, signalling the company’s ongoing fight against context collapse…

Users might see a new Facebook ‘create a slideshow’ CTA prompt when logging onto the social network. Apparently, a lack in original content broadcasting still exists as users share less organically.

Facebook Create a Slideshow CTA Prompt Now Showing Up

Facebook continues to experience the strange phenomenon of what it calls “context collapse,” or less original sharing. While users are spending more time on the social site, they are sharing less original content. The latest call-to-action is a strong indication Facebook needs more original sharing from its 2 billion users.

The ‘Create a slideshow’ CTA, which features an orange icon with a white reel-to-reel video camera, prompts users to “Combine your recent photos with music.” A blue ‘Try It’ link appears directly below.

Facebook Create a slideshow CTA screenshot

Tapping on the CTA or Try It link launches the slideshow application, which then asks users to “Select at least 3 photos.” Tapping on the “Add Photos” button to the bottom right, brings up the camera roll.

Facebook create slideshow

After selecting photos, users can choose from a number of music scores, which include  “Inspired,” “Love,” “Thankful,” “Adventurous,” “Joyful,” “Amped,” “Nostalgic,” “Happy,” “Snappy,” “Playful,” “Optimistic,” “Dramatic,” “Soulful,” “Epic,” “Heroic,” and “Mellow.”

Facebook create slideshow music

Users then add a title and tap on “Next” in the upper right corner of the screen. Processing only takes a few moments or minutes and a notification appears when the slideshow is complete. It’s important to note, photos cannot be cropped, nor can the slideshow be edited after creating it.

Facebook’s other recent attempts to combat context collapse have been numerous, including, Spring Memories, which rolled out in mid-June, its Good Adds Up video, which appeared thereafter, along with June Memories, which debuted at the beginning of July. The company introduced post background colors in December of last year and expanded the options in June.

Facebook slideshow is only accessible via mobile device and not available on desktop.

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