August 3, 2022
Facebook cybersecurity firm search

Facebook is Reportedly Hunting for a Cybersecurity Firm

The Facebook cybersecurity firm search is on, various publications report, in the wake of its latest string of scandals involving user data…

Facebook is looking for a cybersecurity firm, according to news report, including The Information. The social network is doing so for two reasons: to improve its on-site security and to help bolster public relations.

Facebook Cybersecurity Firm Search Reported

Two anonymous sources tell the publication Facebook has approached a number of companies about a possible acquisition. And, Facebook wants to close the deal before the end of the year. However, it’s not know exactly what type of help it’s looking for in security.

The news comes almost a month after the social platform announced hackers stole access to tokens for about 30 million accounts. Of those affected, hackers accessed basic contact information, including name and either email or phone number. About 14 million accounts, access to gender, religion, location, device information, were also involved. (Users can check to see if their account was compromised by visiting this link.)

Facebook likewise added new ways to fight back against bullies and harassment earlier this month. The company also recently deleted hundreds of Pages and profiles for spamming. It identified 559 Pages and 251 profiles which used “sensational political content” and had “consistently broken” the social platform’s rules. The company explained many employed strategies such as posting to fake or numerous accounts to generate traffic.

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