May 23, 2022
Facebook Dark Mode

Facebook Finally Starts Experimenting with a Dark Mode

Facebook is now in the process of testing a dark mode for its mobile app, according to a reliable source who has uncovered many new features…

Just about every popular app has a dark mode across both Android and iOS. But one conspicuous by its absence is Facebook. However, that might well change in the not-too-distant future, according to a discovery made by Jane Manchun Wong.

Facebook Dark Mode Testing Begins

It appears the Facebook dark mode option could be on its way. A quick examination of Wong’s screenshots show Facebook is clearly in the earlier stages of developing a dark theme. 

Dark mode has become so popular because it offers a few benefits. One, it places less strain on the eyes and it helps to reduce battery consumption. Also, it’s generally more aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, even though Facebook is experimenting with a dark mode, does not mean the company will bring the option to wide roll out.

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