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Facebook just Suspended about 200 Apps for Data Misuse

Facebook data misuse

More suspected Facebook data misuse has been uncovered by the social network, leading to the suspension of approximately 200 apps…

Facebook today published an update into its internal investigation of “apps that has access to large amounts of data.” After looking into the behaviors of thousands of one-site apps, the social platform suspended “about 200” apps.

“We have large teams of internal and external experts working hard to investigate these apps as quickly as possible. To date thousands of apps have been investigated and around 200 have been suspended — pending a thorough investigation into whether they did in fact misuse any data.”

Facebook Data Misuse Leads to 200 Suspended Apps

At this time, it’s unknown if the suspected apps actually violated any of the social network’s policies or abused access to user data. But, Facebook issued suspensions “pending a thorough investigation into whether they did in fact misuse any data.”

The upcoming investigation entails Facebook speaking with developers, requesting information about app behavior, data access practices, as well as audits which “may include on-site inspections.”

If Facebook discovers the suspected apps deed indeed violate policies and/or abuse user data access, the site will likely ban them immediately. Facebook states it will also notify its users through this dedicated page about any personal information compromises.

The investigation centers around apps created in 2014 and earlier. During that period, Facebook allowed apps to pull information from participant users. And, it also allowed at the time, pulling information from users’ friends, even if said friends didn’t interact with the apps on their own.

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