September 13, 2021
Facebook Dating European launch delayed

Facebook Dating European Launch Blocked by Government Over Lack of Privacy Disclosure

Facebook has been forced to postpone its Dating launch in Europe after it was blocked by the government over privacy concerns…

Even though it is the world’s most ubiquitous social network, Facebook doesn’t wield all the power it would want. It too, is still subject to the laws of it’s much smaller and less popular rivals, particularly when it comes to user safety and privacy. The company has had to delay its roll out of Facebook Dating in Europe, due to government regulations.

Facebook Dating European Launch Delayed

The Irish government has real concerns about the new Facebook dating portal. Just yesterday, the country’s Data Protection Commission blocked the roll out of the new service, after it had dispatched agents to the corporate giants headquarters.

The Irish government took action after Facebook failed to meet it’s requirements, including providing documentation regarding user privacy. Irish authorities were acting under section 130 of the country’s consumer data code, giving them power to seize documents and collect evidence.

Facebook first made its intentions to get into the dating seen back in May of 2018, when it made known that it would roll out some type of alternative to Tinder.

Only a few months later, Facebook Dating debuted in Colombia. It then explain ended two more South American countries, and over to Asia thereafter. Last fall, it debuted in the United States. Shortly after its us launch, the company was fined five billion dollars by the FTC over privacy lapses.

The regulator explains on its website:

“We were very concerned that this was the first that we’d heard from Facebook Ireland about this new feature, considering that it was their intention to roll it out tomorrow, 13 February. Our concerns were further compounded by the fact that no information/documentation was provided to us on 3 February in relation to the Data Protection Impact Assessment [DPIA] or the decision-making processes that were undertaken by Facebook Ireland.”

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