September 19, 2022
Facebook Dating

Facebook Begins Testing its Dating Platform in Canada and Thailand

Facebook Dating launched back in September of this year, debuting in Columbia at first, and is now on its way to two more countries…

There’s certainly no shortage of dating platforms on the internet. But, none have the reach of the world’s largest social network. With an impressive 2.2 billion users worldwide and a plethora of personal data on each, Facebook sees an opportunity to take a bit portion of market share in the industry.

Facebook Dating Expands to Canada and Thailand

Facebook Dating went live in Columbia in September, and now, it’s going to make its way to Canada and Thailand as part of a test. But, Facebook isn’t just rolling out the same thing. Instead, it’s added a few new features to the interface.

The additions include the ability to look back at a profile already viewed and the option to pause the search.

The first tool is called “Second Look” and it does precisely what it’s named. Meanwhile, the second update allows eligible singles to pause their search.

However, as with its first foray into the industry, Facebook isn’t going gung-ho. Instead, it will debut as an opt-in option. Meaning, the platform won’t be fully available until there’s enough participation.

Facebook Dating isn’t a standalone app. Rather, it resides right inside the main Facebook app.

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