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Facebook has Removed Hundreds of Accounts for ‘Inauthentic Behavior’

Facebook inauthentic behavior

Hundreds of ‘inauthentic behavior’ Facebook accounts were taken down after spreading pro-Iranian state propaganda on the social network…

Facebook has removed almost 800 accounts engaged in “inauthentic behavior,” for propagating Iranian state propaganda.

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of ‘Inauthentic Behavior’ Accounts

Altogether, Facebook identified 262 page, 356 accounts, and 3 groups involved in a coordinated effort. Additionally, there were 162 Instagram accounts also participating in the campaign. However, no such activity occurred on WhatsApp, which is also owned by Facebook.

The Digital Forensic Research Lab or DFR, analyzed the suspect accounts. That organization found most of the content posted by those involved spread pro-Iranian messages. Moreover, the participants attempted to ramp-up interest in polarizing topics, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Approximately 2 million people followed at least one of the pages and about 1,600 people joined the groups. Over 254,000 individuals followed the Instagram profiles. Although, the perpetrators spend less than $30,000 on ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

Around 30 percent of the assets had been active for over five years, suggesting ongoing participation of influence campaigns since about 2010.

The sweep comes after other Iranian-tied accounts were deleted last year. Back in October, the social corporation removed 82 other groups, pages, and accounts. All of those attempted to target people in the U.S.

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