September 17, 2022
Facebook hoax articles

Facebook uses Machine Learning to Identify Hoax Articles, with Human Help

There’s no denying the reality the fight against spam and fake news is never ending battle but machine learning is helping to spot Facebook hoax articles…

Today, Facebook announced it’s doing more to combat the problems of spam, hoaxes, and fake news. The social network states it’s partnered with fact-checkers, employed technology, and removed false accounts. 

Facebook Detecting Hoax Articles with Machine Learning and Human Combo

Facebook states it is expanding its fact-checking program to more countries, taking action against repeat offenders, and expanding its fact-check video and photo review test. The company is also “Increasing the impact of fact-checking by using new techniques, including identifying duplicates and using Claim Review.”

Facebook states machine learning helps the platform identify duplicates of debunked content. In one such instance, the social site cited a French fact-checker who “debunked the claim that you can save a person having a stroke by using a needle to prick their finger and draw blood.” This lead Facebook to “identify over 20 domains and over 1,400 links spreading that same claim.”

This isn’t the first time the social portal has disclosed using AI or artificial intelligence to combat such problems. It’s done so before but the technology isn’t perfect. That’s why the company must rely on humans to help out. Although, machine learning and AI are a great resource and will improve over time.

Watch a short video about how Facebook is working to identify and remove misleading information: