July 4, 2022
Facebook Direct Share

Facebook Direct Share, Snapchat Clone, in Testing

A new Facebook Direct Share button, currently in testing, is yet another Snapchat act-alike feature, allowing users to send other user profile’s content…

Facebook is testing a new Direct Share option, similar to a familiar Snapchat feature. In recent weeks, the social media juggernaut started experimenting with new user interface iterations. One test repositions tabs to the bottom on its Android platform, mimicking iOS.  Also, there are fewer tabs with the repositioned bar, missing Friends and Marketplace. However, other users report these to be present, so Facebook is apparently testing multiple options simultaneously.

Facebook Direct Share, another Snapchat Feature Copy, under Testing

A few weeks ago, Facebook began testing a new bottom navigation bar, which includes Home and Explore table. As the screenshot below shows, a camera icon appears at the top left, with a Direct Share, just like the one on Instagram, positioned to the top right. The About section for Direct Photos and Videos explains users can view each media type twice before it disappears. However, if a Friend replies, the media will appear again.

Facebook Direct Share screenshot
Credit: Android Police

In the experimental mode, tapping on the camera set at the top left appears to open filters. A “Welcome to the New Camera,” message appears when the camera icon is tapped. After taking a picture, users can post the image.

The Direct Share button might be an attempt to get users to post more original media and content. Overall, Facebook personal updates are on a decline yet engagement is on the rise. Two weeks ago, the mobile Facebook weather section became a menu item under the Apps tab. Presently, it’s unknown whether the Direct Share button will roll out to all users.

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