August 6, 2022
Facebook Disputed Content

Facebook Disputed Content Alert Launches to Combat Fake News

Facebook Disputed Content label appears on posts identified by third parties as fake news, giving users the option to reshare or decline to reshare posts…

Facebook Disputed Content comes to the world’s largest social network. In an effort to identify fake news, suspect posts are conspicuously labeled with a red warning sign whenever users attempt to share disputed content.

Facebook Disputed Content Alert Comes to the Social Network to Identify Fake News

Facebook already adjusted its algorithms to identify untrue, misleading, spammy, and clickbait content. The social company also joined the First Draft Coalition in September of last year, along with rival Twitter. Below is a screenshot of Disputed Content:

Facebook Disputed Content example
Credit: Facebook

This post originates from a satire site, The Seattle Tribune. The content isn’t true but Facebook users not familiar with the source publication could think it is true. When suspect content pops up in users’ News Feeds, the sources disputing it appear after clicking or tapping on the warning label:

Facebook Disputed Content example
Credit: Facebook

The expanded warning card reads, “Sometimes people share fake news without knowing it. When independent fact-checkers dispute this content, you may be able to visit their websites to find out why. Only fact-checkers signed up to Poynter’s non-partisan code of principles are shown.”

Credit: Facebook

If a user tries to share Disputed Content, another message appears, “Before you share this content, you might want to know that the fact-checking sites, and PolitiFact disputed its accuracy.” Users then have the option to cancel or continue.

Facebook previous stated disputed posts might appear lower in the News Feed.

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