September 15, 2022
Facebook Domain Insights

Facebook Domain Insights Suspended

Facebook Domain Insights is  partially suspended with no plans to return as the social media company is no longer accepting new publishers…

On June 30th, Facebook closed access to one audience data portal to some publishers. The feature, called Domain Insights, allowed marketers to assess content performance on the Facebook platform. Now, the digital social media giant is acknowledging it may not reopen the analytic tool.

Specifically, the social network stated it is cutting off new access. Though this data is rudimentary, it provides information about how an externally hosted site’s content performed when users shared it on the Facebook platform. “We unfortunately won’t be accepting new domains for now,” a Facebook employee wrote in response to a question from developers.

Facebook Domain Insights Suspended

The situation is different for current publishers, already using the data tool but it’s caused a notable stir among developers. This is hardy new for Facebook or any other social media site. These companies routinely and/or periodically change features, occasionally introducing new ones. For instance, back in September 2014, Facebook announced event promotions and the company is publicly known to clamp-down on clickbait

Facebook provides developers with access to three separate tools: Domain Insights, App Insights, and Page Insights. The first is now only available to current users, which provides information about external content performs once shared on Facebook. The second provides information about content shared through apps, like Messenger. The third provides performance information about content produced through Instant Articles and Facebook Videos. The second and third tools are still available to all. 

Although Domain Insights is no longer accessible to new accounts at this time, it does not mean the change is permanent, “Please keep in mind that this is not a final decision. More changes are possible in the future,” Facebook wrote in a post.

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