February 25, 2021
Facebook downvote

Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button that’s Confusing People

A newly introduced Facebook downvote option is appearing to a limited group of users who aren’t quite sure of what to make of it…

Facebook says it’s not a dislike button. But, that doesn’t seem to clear things up for the few users who are seeing the feature for the first time. At least, that’s the initial reaction to a new reporting system.

Facebook Downvote Button Test Spotted

The social network is currently running a limited test with just 5 percent of Android users who have set English as their primary language. While TechCrunch reports it’s a “downvote” button — like the familiar Reddit option — it’s actually a reporting tool for inappropriate content. Once a participant sees and taps on the button, the comment is automatically hidden and three options appear: “Offensive,” “Misleading,” and “Off Topic.” Here’s a tweet with a screenshot:

It’s beginning to appear to more users since it’s initial roll out. But, it’s not widely available. This seems like another attempt for Facebook to help clean up its tarnished reputation, following a plethora of scandals. As with any test, it remains to be seen if it’s permanently adopted or abandoned.

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