September 16, 2022
Facebook Dual-Camera Smartwatch Under Development

Facebook is Building a Smartwatch that is Capable of Tracking the Wearer’s Every Move

Facebook, according to numerous, recent reports, is in the process of building a smartwatch, equipped with not one, but two cameras…

Facebook smartwatch anyone? That’s what the social network intends to ask consumers in the not too distant future. The internet giant is reportedly working on a wearable that will sport a front and rear camera. Plus, it won’t rely solely on Wi-Fi to function. Instead, it will be equipped to operate on a data connection, though it will not be exclusive to either an iPhone, or an Android device.

Facebook Dual‚Äč-Camera Smartwatch Under Development

The Facebook Smartwatch would have a front side camera for chatting. And, another camera on the rear of the device, which apparently could be detached in order to capture pictures and video. According to numerous news reports, the phone will run on a form of android, though customized specifically for Facebook apps.

Moreover, are telltale signs, it will pair up with its own ecosystem via a dedicated web application and/or mobile app, the ladder of which, of course, would likely run on both iOS and Android. However, it would not be dependent on either architecture to function on its own, leaving Google and Apple out of the data collection mix.

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