September 17, 2022
Facebook engagement rates

Facebook Ad Fail Revealed as Engagement Rates Drop on the Social Network

Facebook engagement rates are down and its ad interactions with it, as user behavior shifts yet again, indicating a long-term decline…

Hootsuite and We Are Social just release their 2018 Q3 report. And, it definitely shows big changes. While there are many encouraging signs, other trends are negative. Which means, social properties and marketers alike should pay close attention to the next three months ahead.

Facebook Engagement Rates Drop in Latest Quarter, Report Shows

Perhaps among the most stark is Facebook. The report reveals a drop of 20 percent in ad clicks on the social site. In fact, Facebook’s own internal data shows the typical user now clicks on a median of 8 advertisements per month. That’s down from 10 ad clicks reported only three months ago. (Although, it’s important to note, this change is due to user behavior, not necessary the ads’ appeal.)

The data also shows more women click on ads than men, with a median of 10 times per month. However, that’s also a decline from 12 clicks per month, previously. Meanwhile, men clicked a median of 7 times during the month of July. That’s likewise down from 9 in the Q2 report.

It doesn’t end there, though. Facebook is down in other engagement metrics, as well. The typical global user “liked” a median of 10 posts in the past 30 days. This represents a decline from 11 likes only three months ago. People also commented less. The typical user commented just 4 times, compared to 5 times before.

What’s more, data from Locowise reveals the average Facebook post engagement for both organic and paid, fell by almost 4 percent in the past three months. The average engagement for status posts also fell by 10 percent in a quarter-to-quarter comparison. Similarly, the average engagement rate for page link posts declined by 7 percent. And, the average engagement for page photo posts also fell by 3 percent. 

Facebook engagement rates Locowise chart
Credit: Statcounter / Hootsuite / We Are Social

Read more about the past quarter’s activity here.

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