November 4, 2022
Facebook events notification landing page

Facebook Events Notification Landing Page Now Sports Updated Look with New Message

The mobile Facebook events notification landing page has just been updated with a new layout, including a new user call-to-action…

Facebook might be the king of social media, but it’s not resting on its laurels. Instead, the network continues to tweak its flagship mobile app for Android and iOS. Starting today, users might see a new look on the Events notification landing page.

Facebook Events Notification Landing Page Redesign Launches on Mobile App

As pictured in the screenshot below, the landing page redesign sports big bold headline text which reads, “Join Friends At These Events.” Underneath the heading is a simple explanation which reads, “Events your friends are interested in or going to soon.”

Facebook events notification landing page

The change probably comes as the old landing page lacked piquing interest, being somewhat boring and utilitarian. The new Facebook Events notification landing page showcases a more interactive experience, still containing the familiar CTA, “EVENTS YOU MAY LIKE.”

Over the course of the past several months, Facebook introduced a number of features and options to encourage users to share more original content. Although the social site boasts 2 billion MAUs or monthly active users, people tend to share less original content which results in what the company internally calls, “context collapse,” or a decline in original content broadcasting. However, users are staying on the platform longer, increasing its time-on-site metric.

To fight this odd phenomenon, Facebook rolled out big changes, such as super large text for posts under thirty-five characters and status update background colors. Most recently, it added Facebook Highlights From This Week in April, followed by Spring Memories, then its Facebook Good Adds Up video to mark its 2 billion user milestone, with June Memories following thereafter. Today, it introduced July Memories.

Yesterday, the company announced it’s rolling Marketplace out to Europe.

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